We offer a variety of services to fit your individual needs:


All of our Wireless Internet Services require a clear line of site to an “Access Point” (AP). Equipment is required to receive the Internet signal from the AP or dedicated connection to your home, out buildings, shop or business.

Our Wireless Services include:
10,   20,   or  30   Mbps speeds.

A site survey determines the cost of equipment and installation.

We have Access Points currently in the following locations:

     High Camp
     Cottonwood Butte
     Court Street
     Mount Idaho Community
     Terhaar Butte

Services Available:

     Basic Residential Service
     Family Residential Service
     Ultra Residential Service

     Basic Business Service
     Plus Business Service
     Ultra Business Service

For custom dedicated Point to Point connections please call 208-983-5452 option 1. Point to Point connections are a private dedicated connection to the Internet and require special equipment and cost more than shared connections from an AP.

Call us at 208-983-5452, option 1, if you have questions or would like to set up a site survey.

Mtida WebMail:

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A Mtida webmail account is compact in nature and allows the user to view their email from Internet connection at home or that may be available while on the road or visiting others out of town. We have two flavors of webmail: High speed and Dial-Up. Use this tool to look at messages and delete the messages you do not want before downloading the messages you want to keep to your computer.